Universal Nutrition Animal M Stak

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Universal Nutrition Animal M Stak The Ultimate Prohormone-Free Anabolic Stak! In a short period of time, Animal Stak had become the world's best-selling, undisputed champion of all "stacked" anabolic training paks. However, due to its potency and certain anabolic ingredients, Animal Stak wasn't suitable for everyone - especially drug-tested athletes. Today, there's a prohormone and ephedra-free alternative to Animal Stak. It's called Animal M-Stak, and it's a powerful new anabolic training pak whose time has come. Thanks to Universal Nutrition's research and development efforts and recent discoveries, Animal M-Stak was born. Animal M-Stak "mimics" the effects of anabolic pharmaceuticals by enhancing protein synthesis, nitrogen retention (positive nitrogen balance), and nutrition-partitioning (diverting more nutrients to lean mass over bodyfat), while simulatneously reducing muscle catabolism (wasting). HOW? Animal M-Stak can help potentiate your body's production of all five anabolic hormones:
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