Labrada Lean Body

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Labrada Lean Body Contains 40 grams of LeanPro® Protein Is low in carbs for carb-conscious dieters Helps build muscle and ignite fat loss Contains zero aspartame or artificial fillers & Gluten-Free If given the option to build muscle, lose fat, or do both at the same time, who wouldn’t choose both? Building a bigger frame while etching out a great set of abs is as ideal as it gets – but isn’t always easy. Too often, the line between consuming enough food for muscle growth and keeping calories in check for fat loss is blurred, making it hard to reach either goal. CarbWatchers® Lean Body® Meal-Replacement Shakes help solve this dilemma by providing a steady stream of protein while cutting out the extra carbs that can sabotage your diet. The result is maximum muscle growth and minimum fat storage.
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