Weider Amino Power Liquid

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Weider Amino Power Liquid AMINO POWER LIQUID Νutrient for strong muscles! Information: Amino Power Liquid is a liquid portein hydrolysate concentrate for supply the trained muscles. The used the protein enables a quick resorption of the amino acids in the muscles. Your body degrades endogenous protein in order to produce energy during your workout. Amino Power Liquid counters this process in an effective way. The regeneration process is enhanced by taking Amino Power Liquid directly after your workout. Thereby the workout stimulus can be quicker transformed into muscle mass. The added free form L-Leucine in conjunction with vitamin B6 boosts the protein synthesis and supports the muscle growth. Amino Power Liquid supports to cover the protein-demand for continuous progress especially in the strength- and build-up phase. All used commodities meet the raw materials highest quality standards and make Amino Power Liquid to an incomparable top product! Product description: ● liquid protein hydrolysate concentrate to drink on water-based Training phase: ● Strength- and build-up phase Product features: ● water-based Protein Hydrolysate Concentrate with Leucine, Taurine and Vitamin B6 ● provides your body with quickly available amino acids ● supports regeneration ● Aspartame free
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